Thursday, 24 May 2012

So finally got round to writing a review. Egads I am getting really lazy at this, mainly I think it's because i feel like a am constantly repeating myself. Oh, well it's not like I have to read it >.<

UnravelingUnraveling by Elizabeth Norris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book had me completely hooked from within the first 20 or so pages, then again, killing your main character right at the beginning is going to grab peoples attention. And no, that's not a plot spoiler because it says that in the synopsis!! What could be considered a spoiler is that she doesn't stay dead long, but it would be a much shorter book if the main character stayed dead, so I think it's kind obvious. Apologies though if you disagree.

The pace it moves at is really something. For once, the likenesses on the front cover are accurate. It is just like a mix between The X Files and an episode of 24, though Janelle has 23 days rather than 23 hours. You get a real sense of the desperation as the clock winds down to it's unknown conclusion.

Janelle is likeable and her narration easily readable. I've got much love for the relationship that build builds between her and the mysterious Ben too, who is just too hugable for words. I felt myself getting swept up into their story, which is obviously good news.

Now for the bad. I found the idea that Janelle could steal and hide her fathers research a little hard to believe. Him being an FBI agent and those files being highly classified, I'm pretty sure that she should have been arrested, but rather than that she completely gets away with it. Even though other agents know she has them. Really?

There was also a point where the story started getting a little flimsy. I had to stop reading at one point (it was after midnight after all on a work night!!!) and it was getting seriously good. But when I picked it up the next day, something felt off. I can't quite explain it (no surprise there). It just didn't feel like the same story. It was at the point the supernatural element was introduced, and from then it just fell a little flat. Things started to feel a little difficult to believe. I've said this many a time, but if an authors got an idea that is impossible and could never happen in a million years, or is completely made up, they still need to make it plausible. Norris just wasn't overly convincing when explaining certain bits.

Then again, I am very fussy!! It still gets four stars though because other than a couple of hiccups it was still immensely immersive and tremendously enjoyable so big thumbs up!!

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