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Carnival of SoulsCarnival of Souls by Melissa Marr
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So I'm actually reviewing this about a week after I finished it, which means I have almost completely forgotten everything about it. That doesn't mean this book was in any way forgettable, only that my memory has more holes than it that Swiss that the one with holes in?...never mind.

So, on to the book review. This one's a bit of a contradiction really. Mainly because on the one hand, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot was super immersive (yeah, that's right, I said super!!!) and always had me guessing as to which way a situation was going to swing or how a character was going to react. Which is obviously a plus because predictable books = major snores and drool puddles!!

And on the other hand? Lots of stuff that really annoyed me. The point though, is that it didn't. I didn't care that the main-ish character (I say 'ish' as there are lots of characters vying for the lead role) is a bit of an idiot and suffers from doormatitis. It also didn't bother me overly much that the author had a habit of repeating herself every few don't need to keep stressing the extreme danger her characters are in. We get it. Repeating it over and over again isn't necessary. Instead rely on your writing abilities to convey the tension and atmosphere of a the situation. We'll fill in the rest. Ok, it bothered me a bit, but no-where near as much as it should. There were more bad points, but I can't remember them, soooo, they can't have been that bad.

More on the plus side, we had split narratives, with each chapter told through the eyes of a different character. Even bigger plus, it was third person. Don't get me wrong. I love, or should say, loved first person perspectives. They're a real asset to a character driven story and give some real insights into their inner workings. But I've had enough. Every YA novel out there seems to be first person. It's BORING!! The danger was that some plot lines would be slightly less interesting and you'd be rushing the chapter to get to a more exciting part. But actually, they were all rather interesting, which I must say was delightful.

Though I mention earlier the main characters short comings in the brain department, I still empathised with her. Especially when we, as the reader, know things that she doesn't. It was frustrating, but I'm guessing that was the point. We are supposed to feel anger for her in her place. Or at least till she finds stuff out, then the shiteth will really hiteth the fan. Or I hope it does and she doesn't just accept it like she does some of the other revelations, which would have made me Hulk smash the shit out of everything within reach. In regards to the rest of the ensemble, there were plenty of good guys to root for and bad dudes (or dames)) to hiss at.

The world the author built was fascinating. Not the dull run-of-the-mill Earth one, but the world of The City. She gives an excellent impression of a debauched and dangerous city, not bothering to hide it's flaws, but that for all works well because every one who lives their knows their place in it and how it works.

To sum up then. By rights this should have irritated the flooping heck out of me. But it didn't. Huzzah!!

Wow, I managed to right more than I though. Go me!!!

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