Friday, 9 March 2012

March Book Haul/TBR

So here's my first book haul thing. It seems to be leaning heavily to the Dystopian genre, which actually unintentional, but pretty awesome, as I like Dypsopia...would suck if I didn't though.  But I do.  Which is good.  Anyhoo, with any luck by the end of March I'll be able to do a wrap up video and do bitesize reviews of all the titles featured...Ha whatever, I know me too well. If it's up by June, that'll be a miracle!!

It's in video form, so please enjoy.

And now for the books featured...

(I've technically read the first two already from the date of penning this post, but...I may have forgotten to upload it to the blog...oops)
Title- Legend
Author - Marie Lu
Genre - Dystopia
Age - YA+

Title - Article 5
Author - Kristen Simmons
Genre - Dystopia
Age - YA+

Title - Starters
Author - Lissa Price
Genre - Dystopia/thriller (not really sure as I haven't read it yet)
Age YA+
Release Date - 29/3/12

Title - Under The Never Sky
Author - Veronica Rossi
Genre -Dystopia
Age - YA+

Let me know if you've read any...I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

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