Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I am really weird!!!
A Salute to the General Awesomeness of Books

So yes, this is the kind of crap I think about before I go to sleep, but I knew for a fact that if I didn't get this written down now, it would be lost forever to the deepest and darkest regions of my brain-void.

On to the theme/topic/thing then...

There are many ways in which books kick-everything-else's-ass.  In this blog post I am just describing (really badly) one of them.

I read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green (see previous posts for a review) a little while ago. It was my first John Green book.  I was not really aware of him before, and though I had a couple of his titles in my section at work, I had not picked one up. I'm not really sure what drew me to TFIOS, but I read it, loved it and spent ages trying to sum up my feelings of it (though I ultimately failed on an epic scale). There is something special about this book, and I think it affects everyone in their own, private way.  But, not only did I get to experience the novel itself, oh no...

This then led me to want find out more about the author. I looked him up and found that he not only writes, but also is one half of a very successful youtube channel. I started watching their videos.  Through them, I discovered Nerdfighters and Nerdfighteria, an epic network of people all over the globe celebrating nerdiness. They're also people who are passionate about the same things, and actively try to make the world a better place by defeating the suck that makes the world suck ginormous balls.  Not lame things, but stuff that actually, really matters. Without TFIOS I would never had known this phenomena existed.

Sometimes there are people in the wide, wide world that you see and hear about and you think 'man, I would really love to know them in real life because they exude an aura of major awesomeness and I want to bask in it'.  For me, I want to know John and Hank Green. Their life just seems so amazingly fun and cool and hip and groovy (wow, really channelling my inner stalker now) and they have achieved so much. Plus, they seem like really fun and cool  and hip and groovy people. You know what I mean right (please, or right now I just sound like a crazy person)?  I am really not making sense, mainly because I have no idea how to say what it is I am trying to say. Ok, the other day, I was going to use the word 'retard', and once upon a time, I would have.  But I stopped, and this is ridiculously true and lame sounding, but I stopped myself because I thought, 'I bet neither John nor Hank Green would say retard'. I did that because I didn't want people that I don't know, and will never know, thinking badly of me!!!!! I don't even know if  they would use the word retard or not, that doesn't matter...OMFG, WHAT AM I TRYING TO SAY?!!!!!! This is what happens when you decide to write a blog post at 12:20am. You make no sense brain!!! Basically the vlogbrother's have changed the way I think about certain things. It's like, I want to be a person that they would approve of...or something and if I met them, it would be devastating if they didn't like me (wow, I am really reaching new and unnerving levels of oddness).  I watch their videos, and wish I was like them too. That I could see the world as they do and comment on it in a way that was as entertaining and generally clever sounding, the way they manage to come across with what seems like very little effort. I am content though just to view, enjoy and learn (coz yeah, they teach you stuff too).  I guess what I'm saying is that they have inspired me in a lot of ways but if I hadn't read TFIOS, none of the craziness above would be possible.

So thank you John and Hank Green, for giving yourselves to the world.


And all this comes from just reading one book.  JUST. ONE. BOOK!!!!!! The best part? There are like a million more floating about out there, all of which may lead us to new things and may, for at least a little while, change the way we think.

That is one of the many ways in which books are awesome!!!! And I realise I have said awesome A LOT, but in my defence, it's 12:45am and my minds gone all gooey.

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  1. For 12:45 am, you have made a very insightful comment that I managed to make at a time of being fully awake. (I'm not being patronising just complimenting you at the timing of your thoughts).

    A good book, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, should have that ability within it to make a person examine themselves and, on occasion, the person stepping into that "world" becomes different - sometimes in small ways, sometimes in larger ways - to the person who steps out from it.