Monday, 6 February 2012

Always Judge A Book By It's Cover

Hello, and welcome to the first edition of *see above for feature title*.  Yes I am actually posting something on my blog that hasn't been pilfered from Goodreads or Youtube. This is 100% original and is a celebration of my first follower, the dude that is Theta Sigma!!!

So, on to the thing that this feature is about...and stuff.  I have a cunning plan that every now and then I am going to highlight some of the best (in my opinion, which is usually correct >.<) and worst book covers floating about out there in the big bookish void.

Now, if we are all really, really, REALLY honest with ourselves, we will admit that no-one actually agrees with the expression 'never judge a book by it's cover', because quite frankly, it's stupid.  Here's why. If you walk into your local bookshop and are faced with two books.  One looks like it's been drawn by a blind two year old with no hands, and the other is a beautifully exquisite masterpiece that by rights, should be hanging in a snooty gallery somewhere as a work of ART...which one are you going to pick up?!!! If you chose the toddler fodder, then WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!!! I still don't get how publishers can shove some naff head shot of a person too ugly to be a proper model, on to a book and expect it to sell.  Glancing at my own bookcase *glances at bookcase* there is not one fugly cover present.  Therefore, I willing throw up my hands and say with pride, 'I like books with pretty covers!!!!' That doesn't make me a bad person...slightly superficial, but not bad.

Now I couldn't start and not begin with featuring the incredible and delectable 'Theatre Illuminata' series by Lisa Mantchev. I think I shall let the books speak for themselves...

Oooh yeah, that's the stuff!!! hmmmm, soooo pretty!!!!...Sorry, zoned out a bit there. When exposed to vast amounts of prettiness I go to my happy place, but I'm back now.

Now, if you fail to see the beauty in these incredible images then go away as there is no point in reading this blog if you cannot appreciate wonders such as these!!!! If however you see them for the sumptuously breathtaking marvels that they are, then you may stay >.< (I am of course joking, everyone is entitled to their opinions...even if they are wrong :-P )

The guy responsible for them is Jason Chan. And I hate him. Not in that 'I want to stamp on his foot, kick him the shin and throw books at him', kind of way.  More in the 'I want the superhero power of being able to suck the talent out of annoyingly talented people' kind of way. So yeah, it's basically a simple case of  jealously on an epic scale. I mean LOOK AT THEM!!! The amount of detail is insane and the levels of whimsy are through the roof.  I can't not look at the fairies and melt with pleasure. Then there's the lace-work on that dress? OMFG!!! And I would give my left arm for the ability to use light like he does. *wistful sigh* oh well, I shall just have to be content being able to upon them!! Go check his website (click his name above).

And the BESTEST part?  The books themselves are just as fantastic.  Here's a perfect example of when a book cover accurately represents the glories of the tale that lie within. Lisa Mantchev is a true master of her craft and can paint pictures with words just as well as Jason Chan can paint pictures with fake paints that live inside your computer.  Look out for a video review of The Theatre Illuminata series coming soon (hopefully!!!)

In conclusion, these are the covers to which I measure all others, so it seems only fitting that I give them 5 Bertie's out of 5!!!

 GO READ THEM NOW!!! >.< click the covers to go to Lisa Mantchev's website!!!

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  1. Firstly, thank you... again... for bigging me up. I'm really going to have to do something worthy enough on my blog for this fan style-y adoration of yours. :)) (I may need to get the thinking cap on... either that or beg you for ideas).

    I admit, I do get drawn in by a nice cover too... It's not the predominant marketing point, as I now get a lot of my books by Kindle. (Don't hate me, please. I know you sell proper books). Since joining Goodreads and seeing reviews from people like yourself, it does make my choice pretty easy. My case in point, since I got my Kindle, my "To Buy" wish list is now dominated by books which have been recommended to me, either indirectly or directly.

    However, if I had the choice between two editions of a book where one book has the most gorgeous cover going which has been painted by the second coming of Michelangelo or a cut and paste job - I'd be like you and get the former.