Sunday, 22 January 2012

I am weird!!!
A Brief Hello From Ginger


Hahahahaha, I'm HILARIOUS!!!! No really, greetings to all wayward souls that have wandered into the realms of my strange and ramblish mind!!! Lets begin with some fun facts about me...

  • Gingerbouf is not my real name.
  • I am a serial tea drinker (what self respecting Brit isn't?).
  • I read LOTS of books.
  • I do NOT know the Queen (nor would I ever want to).
  • My head explodes if I try too do Maths and
  • I never intended to write a blog as I am doubtful as to whether I will actually bother to update it.

So yeah, concerning the last point, I really had no intention of starting one of these things.  I think it's down to the simple fact that I just don't have anything of real interest to say (though I'm guessing you've figured that out for yourselves anyway!!) and I barely have enough time to fit all the things I want to do around sleeping work and sitting down, as it is. I literally just wanted an easy way to keep up with a couple of blogs that I was interested in. Then POOF, the next thing I know I've spent an entire evening scrathching my head, trying to make my page look all pretty(ish). Case and point my first blog post,
Err...I don't really do blogs. I just wanted to follow other people!!

With that in mind, I am still very much a noob at all this, so it's all going to be very basic.  In regards to the  blog header pic...thing, Scary Ginger Lady will have to do until I get round to doing making new one (just in case you're interested she is actually the main character from the book I'm almost writing).

In terms of content, I have had a couple of ideas for regular features that will I probably do for a few months then just give up on as something shiny will catch my attention. One that I REALLY want to do is a feature on book covers as, being an artist myself (ha, yeah, just about) I love dribbling over pretty book jackets, old and new. So, hopefully I can get that started soon. There are obviously going to be reviews, though I am going to cheat and just paste them from Goodreads >.< I will also shove my Youtube vids in here too and there will probably be random posts too, most about book related stuffage, but some not. The one thing about Twitter that frustrates me is the 140 character limit (which I know is the point, but still...annoying), so it will be quite nice to have a place where I can ramble on and on and on and on...

...and on and on and on...

And finally, thank you kind person, for reading. Please feel free to comment below. As I have, at this minute 0 followers, it's more than likely that I will reply.

Toodley pip!!!


  1. Firstly, for somebody who said that she doesn't "really do blogs". I would have to say that that particular comment was an Epic Fail.

    Secondly, your page certainly looks "Prettyish". My level of technical competence with Blogger is at amateur level to say the least, so you're ahead of the curve on me there and I love the new "logo girl look" that you're rocking.

    Thirdly, thank you for defining me in the category of "Awesome". (Blush and Hugs)

    Finally, I'm your first follower and I'm privileged to accept that honour.

    PS - You're "Awesome" too.

  2. >.< Thank you so much for being my first follower (huge smiles)!!! And for saying lots of nice things (even huger smiles and hugs)!!

    Hopefully now I will actually get some stuff posted up here (umm, yeah...we'll see how that goes)